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A comprehensive article about the secrets of the pyramids that puzzled scientists throughout the ages.  

؟ How the Egyptians were able to build those pyramids
؟And why did the building of those pyramids
؟ And what's inside

 Many questions were on the minds of many scientists
 Some went with the thought of the intensity of the fascination that these pyramids are not the construction of humans, but space creatures or that the jinn was the one who built those Pyramids
 You will now learn the secrets of the pyramids between truth and mythology

 Egyptian pyramids

 The pyramids are considered historically important buildings because of their complex design, as well as the hieroglyphic inscriptions, and distinctive antiquities.  On the western side of the Nile, because of its close connection to the world of the dead, the Pyramid of Cheops in Giza is considered the largest Egyptian pyramid, and is considered one of the seven wonders of the world,

؟ What is the first pyramid in Egypt

 The Saqqara pyramid is the first pyramid built in Egypt and an archaeological landmark at Saqqara cemetery northwest of the ancient city of Memphis in Egypt.  It was built during the 27th century BC to bury Pharaoh Djoser built by his minister Imhotep.  Engineer and physician Amhotep was the main architect of the vast funerary collection in the courtyard of the pyramid and the surrounding structures of the celebration.

? What's inside the pyramids

 Pyramid of King Khufu:
 This pyramid contains a chamber to bury the king, and other chambers, where he was buried with the king in the pyramid, including: his family, his servants, and his entourage, and there are many passages that make the process of robbery difficult for thieves, as there were in the pyramid secret rooms, were built  For the purpose of keeping the luggage of the deceased, and his jewelry.

 The Pyramid of King Khafre:
 It contains several corridors leading to the burial chamber carved in the rock, and there are many rooms burying the people of the king, his servants, and his entourage.

  Pyramid of Menkaure:
 It contains secret compartments and corridors that eventually reach the king's burial chamber.

 Facts of the Egyptian pyramids

 As for the idea of ​​the pyramid in particular, their pyramid has been associated with the idea of ​​the origin of the universe and they also believe, according to some of their writings and religious texts, that the pyramid and its means help the soul of the deceased to reach heaven with the idol Ra. Among these means are many things that can help them climb into paradise. We also see the pyramid shape above obelisks and some small tombs of individuals in southern Egypt, even when the kings of the New Kingdom thought they were building their tombs on the western mainland of the Valley of the Kings and clicking on them from within the mountain. To protect them from theft, they did not give up the shape of the pyramid that he represented at the top of the mountain itself.

 The construction of the Great Pyramid took nearly twenty years and the construction of the corridors and lower parts of the pyramid ten years, according to the Greek historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt in the fourth century BC more than 2000 years after the construction of the pyramid and heard these novels and some other priests and narrators. The stones used in the construction of the Great Pyramid were cut from the area around the pyramid, the external cladding stones from the Mount Tora area and the granite stones used in the internal rooms of the Aswan quarries were brought by the Nile River which was reaching the pyramid area at the time. The stones were cut and separated by openings at close distances on the piece of stone to be cut and then accumulate some of the wooden pegs and roads on the water placed on them, and whenever you drink wood with water increased the size inside the stone piece and with the continuation of roads separate from each other and then refined and refined using a stronger type of stone Like granite or diorite.The ancient Egyptians used a sandy road to build the pyramids, where pieces of stone are placed on wooden skis below which round palm trunks, such as wheels and skis, are pulled with ropes and bulls with water sprayed on the sand to facilitate the drag. From top to bottom, the sand is gradually removed as pieces of stones are placed on wooden skis below which circular palm trunks work like wheels and skis are pulled with ropes and bulls with water sprayed on the sand to facilitate the drag. From top to bottom, the sand is gradually removed as pieces of stones are placed on wooden skis below which circular palm trunks work like wheels and skis are pulled with ropes and bulls with water sprayed on the sand to facilitate the drag. From top to bottom and gradually remove the sand gradually

 Many people believe that the greatness of the pyramid lies in the way it is built. In fact, this talk has a side of health. For example, the Great Pyramid is an artificial mountain weighing six million five hundred thousand tons, and consists of stones weighing about twelve tons, and these stones paved and controlled up to half a millimeter, and this really deserves the full admiration of the ancient Egyptians. Civilization. But it's much bigger. The pyramid is one of the greatest mysteries that humanity has faced since the beginning of civilization. Many have claimed that it has been just the tomb of King Khufu, but modern scholars believe this view is ridiculous. The Great Pyramid was built for a larger and larger purpose. Evidence of this is the stunning facts of this great edifice, compiled by Charles Smith in his famous book "

 The pyramid of the Pharaoh

 From the famous Menkaure crew, scientists noted that there is a small circular gap not exceeding 20 cm in diameter. Archaeologists were able to discover the secret of the existence of this gap after a very careful observation, as it turned out that the sun rays enter this gap only one day a year to the tomb of the Pharaoh from Zaire completely, and surprisingly, this day corresponds to the birthday of the Pharaoh.

  ؟What distinguishes the Great Pyramid

 The pyramid of Cheops or the Great Pyramid, one of the most important Egyptian monuments, the Seven Wonders of the World, the only one that insults the ancient wonders of the world, sells for more than 4500 years The pyramid of Cheops pyramid The development of the pyramid built by Snifro - Abu Khufu and the son of Hani Alali The Fourth Dynasty was founded - which lies In Dahshur, located in Giza Governorate, one of the capitals located west of the Nile is a very important place during the days of the ancient Egyptians, especially the days of the Old Kingdom. I was baptized during the reign of King Khufu and Hua of the kings of the Fourth Dynasty. And adopted it in about twenty years. When the pyramid was built, its height was about 146.5 meters, but now its height is about 137 meters. The base of the pyramid is 922 meters. The area of ​​the pyramid is 5 million tons, five million tons.

? What are the secrets of the pyramids

 We will talk about the gas that happens inside the pyramid and scientists have not been able to discover the secret of the occurrence of those things inside the pyramid

 The first secret
 Secrets of the pyramids
 Flesh and eggs remain as they are inside the pyramids and do not rot but as mummification

  The second secret

 Secrets of the pyramids
 There is experience in germination by placing the plants in the pyramid for several days and then removing them from the pyramid.

 The third secret
  Secrets of the pyramids
 Restore the purity of contaminated water after being placed inside the pyramid for several days

 The fourth secret
 Secrets of the pyramids
 The flowers are dry, but they retain the same shapes and colors

 The fifth secret
  Secrets of the pyramids
 Loss of nicotine Put cigarettes (smoke) inside the pyramid for several days and make it harmless to smokers

 The sixth secret
  Secrets of the pyramids
 Sitting under a pyramid-shaped space for some time is comfortable

 The Seventh Secret
 Secrets of the pyramids
 Wounds, blisters and burns heal faster if exposed to the pyramid's energy field, as well as tooth pain and fading "migraines."

 The Eighth Secret
  Secrets of the pyramids
 The milk stays fresh for several days, and when it changes, the milk becomes yogurt

  ? Why the pyramids were built

 The ancient Egyptians believed that kings were chosen by the gods to be intermediaries between them and the people on earth, so it was in their interest to keep the king's body intact even after his death, since it was long believed that part of the king's spirit known as ka with his body, and until his soul was taken care of Correctly, they mummified the bodies of the kings, and buried everything they needed with them in the afterlife; such as gold bowls, food, furniture, and building pyramids like the tombs of these kings

  ? How the Pyramids were built

 How modern pyramids were built Modern science has not been able to know how to build the pyramids despite the tremendous development reached these days, and these miracles: know how the pyramid is identical from its four directions: North, South, East and West. Scientists have found that the sun is always perpendicular to the top of the pyramid, which allows the sun to pass through and enter the room where the king was buried, and the mummy is buried in the middle of the pyramid underground. It was found that the three pyramids were built on the same safety as the Arctic, and they built the pyramids as well; because they believe this will save the pyramid from theft, that the group of gods will come to the pyramid, keep the mummy inside, as well as to introduce the positive energy of the pyramid,

? Did the foreigners build the Pyramids

 Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of State for Egyptian Antiquities, previously served as Director of Giza Antiquities
 Many public and non-specialists believe that the pyramids are connected to the Aad people, that they are up to 15 meters in length, and that they are only able to transport the huge stones from the quarries to the pyramid building site.  There are other fictions of objects from space that built the pyramid of King Khufu, and even a famous television program on the history channel talking about this topic, and there are many foreigners who send me and say that I hide all the evidence that the pyramids built by people came from the lost continent Atlantis!!
 I present to you the two greatest discoveries of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and they refute all that is said of the pyramids, and even close the subject completely.  I will not repeat the words written on this subject, the traditional evidence, but I give you the first evidence, that we revealed the tombs of the workers of the pyramid builders south of the Sphinx, and there we found the lower cemetery where the workers who transported the stones, and we found the upper cemetery  For artists, many titles refer to the supervisor on the side of the pyramid, artists, sculptors and who stands in front of the port.  Next to the cemetery we found the area where the 10,000 workers were living.  Next to the residence, we found bakeries and fish drying areas.
 The construction of the pyramid was the national project of all Egypt; therefore it was the families living in Upper and Delta, Egypt that sent workers and food to the Giza Plateau.  We have evidence that 10 cows and 13 sheep were sent daily, and in return they did not pay taxes to the state; therefore, this revelation confirms to the whole world that the Egyptians were built by the pyramids, and that the pyramids were not built by forced labor.
 The second, which I consider to be the most important in the twenty-first century.  The most important of the discovery of Tutankhamun is the papyrus known as the papyrus «Valley cliff», and was found in the port of King Khufu near Suez on the shore of the Red Sea.  The papyrus is a "diary" of the so-called Marr, and he was the head of one of the 40 workers' teams.  He arrived with them in Tora, where the pyramid stones were cut.  He pointed out that the stones that were cut daily were transported on wooden skis to reach boats on the Nile, and then transported through ports and channels to the pyramid.  He also pointed out that he arrived in an area called «Ra-Sha» «« mouth of the lake ».  It took a day to reach the site of the pyramid of King Khufu, which was being built.  The area was supervised by a man named Ankh Kha.
 This work took place in the year 27 of the reign of King Khufu, and the king lived in his palace in the area of ​​the pyramid.  The area where the palace was once called Khufu lives, and the pyramid was named Khufu's sister, meaning Khufu's skyline.  This is the first time a written evidence of the construction of the pyramid of King Khufu has been found.  A French expedition working in the quarries of Hathnob revealed the method of transporting alabaster stones from the quarries during the reign of King Khufu.  Emerging methods of transporting stones were detected by the use of wooden bins.
 I believe that this written evidence is sufficient until we close the “fog and the key” with regard to the fears about the pyramid of Cheops.  Nevertheless, I don't think they will close the door.  Outsourcing continues, and they still believe that when I find evidence that the pyramid belongs to Atlantis, I hide it.  The pyramid was the national project of all Egyptians, and it was the builder of the pyramid that built Egypt.
 Folk returned has no connection with the pyramids

? Where are the pyramids

 Many of the pyramids were built in the Fayoum region, and are concentrated in Giza, and the greatest of these pyramids: the Pyramid of Khufu, and the Pyramid of Khafre, and Pyramid of Menkaure, where they were built in the period (2630-1530 BC), and the burial was the reason  The ancient Egyptians built these pyramids, so each king built a pyramid to be buried there, as well as buried with him his belongings and possessions, and the best clothes, and the best food, drink, jewelry, jewelry, and all that the deceased king liked and preferred, because they believe there is a second life, so the deceased will be  He needs to provide all his purposes and needs that he used in his first life in order to Yes  He served again in his second, and the pyramids were built a huge size to protect them from stealing thieves.

 History of the construction of pyramids

  The pyramids in Egypt are the real pyramids, although this term has been given to similar structures in other countries.Egyptian pyramids are characterized by their square base and triangular sides, where the sides form upwards at an angle of about 50 degrees from the surface of the earth, and the prototype of the pyramid was built during  The period from 2680 to 2565 BC, and then built the pyramid inscribed in Saqqara in 2620 BC, and each Pharaonic king built a special pyramid in it to keep his mummified body away from the eyes of the people, so that it was built of clay bricks with stone cover  It has taken many years to build, because there is no machine  Developed at that time


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