Discover a large number of Pharaonic coffins

The discovery of a large number of Pharaonic coffins, which carry more secrets of civilization, which puzzled scientists throughout history with many scientific achievements that preceded the world thousands of years at that time, and comes the news of the discovery of Pharaonic coffins to the delight of many lovers of that ancient civilization

Here are the details

Dr. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, announced on Saturday, details of the discovery of the largest hidden area in the area of The Coward of Al-Asasif in the western mainland of Luxor governorate, by the men of the Egyptian archaeological mission, where 30 coffins belonging to the family of 22 Pharaonic eras were discovered, where they were placed in Store near the surface of the earth to protect it from thefts

The details of the discovery were announced at a press conference in Jabal al-Qurna in the presence of the Minister of Antiquities, And Advisor Mustafa Inspire, Governor of Luxor, and a number of leaders of the Ministry of Antiquities, and Luxor governorate.
Dr. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that the men of the Egyptian archaeological missions have reached the highest levels of success, excellence and great maturity, and achieved a large number of great successes and discoveries over the past years since the decision of the Ministry of Antiquities in November 2016 to return After nearly 5 and a half years of suspension on February 14, 2012, the Egyptian Archaeological Mission has been working since 2016 to announce successive discoveries in all directions and humps in Luxor, most recently the removal of a series of colorful coffins from the ground.

The Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Mustafa Waziri, confirmed to the "seventh day", that for the first time in the history of Egypt, the Ministry of Antiquities arrives to work about 40 Egyptian archaeological missions in various archaeological sites in different provinces, by pureEgyptian hands to work in exposing the ancient Egyptian civilization to the world I gather, where these Egyptian missions include distinguished teams of workers, technicians, archaeologists and restorers, who decided to serve the ancient Egyptian history with all force in the new season of excavations, which started from days and continues until the middle of next year 2020.

The Secretary-General of Antiquities explained, that with the start of the winter excavation season this year in Luxor in the city of Taiba, the capital of Pharaonic civilization, the signal was launched to start work for 5 archaeological missions, including 3 Egyptian missions and a fourth American and a fifth Spanish, in order to research and serve the Pharaonic history with the ancient cowardice of Thebes Western Luxor, the most prominent of these missions is the "Egyptian Archaeological Mission", headed by the well-known Egyptian scientist Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of Antiquities, which works in the western valley known as the "Valley of the Monkeys", as well as operating in the valley of kings, which includes dozens of tombs of the kings of ancient Egypt, In addition to the head of the Egyptian archaeological mission working in the area of Arm Abu al-Naja, and the Egyptian archaeological mission working in the region of Asasif, the Spanish archaeological mission works in the temple of King Thutmose III, and the American archaeological mission working in the tomb of Prince "Amon Mays" and the cemetery 63 in the Valley of the Kings.

In his turn, Salah al-Masskh said in remarks to "The Seventh Day", that the coward of Al-Asasif is known to include tombs of the families (18-25-26), which cover the period approximately 525 to 1550 BC through the three families, and found in this region through the ages dozens of tombs belonging to the senior men of states During the dynasty, the most prominent of which was the cemetery of "Khairov", which held many titles, including (The Prince of Genetics - The Seal bearer of the King of The Sea Face - The Only Samir - The Great Samir Love - The Director of the House of the Great Royal Wife Ti - Supervisor of the Treasury - The First Eyebrow of the King - Head of The Secrets of the King's House - Judge who  In the foreground of the men of the court - the ruler who is at the forefront of the citizens) and other titles, as found in Assif the tomb of the king and the pure hands and the director of the house of King Amenhotep IV, as well as the cemetery of "Mantomahat" the most powerful figure in the reign of the 25th dynasty and lived in the reign of kings " Tahreka" and "Tanut Amon", until the ninth year of the reign of King Basmatic I.

Of the 26 tombs of the family discovered by the cowardly Asasif, Salah al-Mashkh says that the cemetery also includes the tombs of the head of the princess house ,"Ankhs Nafar Iab Ra", and the cemetery of "Badi Amon Eb", the priest and the high priest of the two, and the "Ibe", the director of the house of the divine slave, and "Harwa", the director of the house of the wife The divine, the "Papasa", the chief administrator of the house of the divine worshiper of Amun Netocris I, the "Passa", the god's eyebrow, the ritualist, the mayor of Tiba, and the "Death of Redis", the chief escorts (servants) of the Divine Wife, and the Mayor of Memphis.

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