Medical tourism advantages and the best countries

A comprehensive article on medical tourism the best places for medical tourism and the advantages that distinguish it from others all this and more you will know in this article 

Medical tourism 

Many people travel to other countries with the aim of treatment in search of a country that provides health care services and contains doctors skilled in the treatment of diseases suffered and in search of health resorts containing natural eyes rich in many elements and sand and clay rich in minerals cure the body of many diseases, but it is L Always is the obstacle and the solution is to find a country that provides good health care services and be suitable for the material situation and we are here to help you follow the article

? What is medical tourism

Some kind of tourism people goes to tourist places in order to get health care and physiotherapy such as mineral water eyes, sugar icing baths, mud and hot sand

What types of medical tourism

Medical tourism is divided into two parts 

Medical tourism 

This part of the main medical tourism is based on the use or access of medical care from medical centers and hospitals equipped with the latest medical devices, specialized in the treatment of chronic diseases and pains, and is commonly found in various countries of the world such as Czech, Jordan, Germany, Tunisia and others

Hospital tourism

 The other part of medical tourism, which differs from the first type, is that it relies entirely on natural sources of access to treatment and rids them of chronic pain through hot or sulfur mineral water, or through sand or sunlight useful in treating some skin problems such as eczema

? What are the advantages of medical tourism

Providing treatment for some patients with diseases that are difficult to treat in their own countries. Treatment costs are low in this way, with many Westerners flock to hospitals in the Middle East to reduce costs. Achieving both healing, recreation and recreation, and making family members happy at the lowest cost. The need to change the atmosphere in which some patients live in mental condition, medical tourism is the best treatment for them to entertain themselves. It is an important economic resource for countries that offer and encourage this type of tourism

?What are the disadvantages of medical tourism

 Not covering the health insurance conditions enjoyed by patients in normal cases of treatment, all the costs of transportation and treatment to the country provided for the treatment are incurred; therefore, they are common only in the middle-income classes and above.

 The duration of the tourist's stay in the country is only accompanied by the fact that the medical follow-up is completely lacking after a period of time

 Acting in an uncivilized manner or undisciplined behavior on the part of a foreign tourist 

 The possibility of infection and transmission of diseases in these places, so that the infection is coming with the tourist from his country

?What are the benefits of medical tourism

 Affordability of treatment

 Low prices for treatments in other countries have been the main reason people have resorted to tourism, so one of the most important benefits is the affordability of treatment.

On the other hand, this does not mean the lack of quality of treatment, but these treatments are done with the best doctors and specialists, but the low costs are due to the low cost to the workforce there.

The most important countries for medical tourism

Medical tourism in Tunisia

Tunisia is the first country in the world in the field of tourism after confirming its leadership at the expense of France, where Tunisia has a very large wealth of warm mineral water and warm folk baths that spread in the north and south of the country, which has enabled it to be a special destination for those interested in tourism And hospitalization from all the countries of the world, especially from Europe, America and Asian countries. Tunisia has four hospital stations, 50 physiotherapy centers, about 60 seawater treatment centers, 50 convalescence centers and 18 world-class hot water springs, in addition to the many warm popular baths that hundreds of people visit every day for treatment. The cities of Korbus (northeast) and Hammam Bourguiba (northwest) are among the most famous treatment centers for groundwater and warm mineral water, which lives up to international standards and is visited by thousands of Tunisian and foreign tourists throughout the year.

Medical tourism in Taiwan

Do you expect Taiwan to have 22 health institutions licensed by the Joint International Medical Committee in America? Taiwanese hospitals are among the best in the world and provide treatment to more than 90,000 patients annually and the cost of treatment is 50% lower than in America, so it ranks first in the list of the top destinations for medical tourism!

Medical tourism in Germany

Germany is renowned for its reliance on modern technologies that qualify it to the latest advanced research centers to make it the oldest country in the history of the medical field, especially in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and Germany is even famous for its designation as the Hospital of Europe.

Medical tourism in Singapore

Singapore is also an important destination globally in medical tourism, where it has taken care of the quality of medical services and this is evidenced by the fact that it has been ranked sixth in the world in the field of medical tourism, despite the high cost of treatment compared to other Asian countries, but it remains the best, Singapore meant Treatment of heart disease, tumors and organ transplantation.
Last year, between 400,000 and 610,000 patients were sent to Singapore for treatment, 70% of them from Indonesia, and Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore was ranked as one of the top 10 hospitals in the world, making Singapore the regional center for heart surgery, heart disease and organ transplantation.

Medical tourism in Lebanon

It is one of the developed countries in the treatment clinics for tuberculosis patients and their location in the mountains, including the Hamana clinic, where patients live for long periods of time that may be overlooked for more than a year.

Medical tourism in England

Addiction and psychiatric clinics in England (Priory Hospital) for the treatment of mental illnesses and addictions and where patients from all over the world are available for long periods of treatment and recovery periods after the symmetry of healing and are visited by people of different nationalities in search of the best treatment methods and before this secrecy the completeness of these sanatoriums.

Medical tourism in Hungary 

The citizens of Germany, Austria and Switzerland prefer to receive treatment in The State of Hungary, where they discovered that the cost of dental surgery in Hungary is 40% to 75% lower than received in America, Hungary is the first in specialized dental clinics where these clinics meant to offer all that is new and advanced and special in the field of In addition, she also meant to solve major dental problems through cosmetic surgery and most of her visitors are from Europe

Medical tourism in Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has become the first center for ophthalmology by providing laser operations at low cost compared to neighboring countries, and performing surgeries for more than 30,000 foreign patients annually from 100 countries around the world, and the cost of eye vision corrections is Approximately $1000 with a 3-day hospital stay! Let us not forget the hair transplants that have been so popular in the world at a very low cost to their results. It should not be forgotten that Europe considers Turkey its destination for medical tourism, where European and American doctors form the backbone of the Turkish medical sector to treat heart disease, cancer and bone diseases! See also: Video of the top 10 countries known for their wealth

Medical tourism in the United States 

Despite the fairly high cost of treatment, the United States of America has an influx of between 600,000 and 800,000 people for treatment each year, due to the availability of the best hospitals in the world such as Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Mayo Clinic

Medical tourism in Malaysia

Indonesia patients make up 80% of patients receiving treatment in Malaysia, where Malaysia is the preferred Asian country for expatriates to receive treatment due to the prevalence of English language and low cost of treatment, the number of patients is about 670,000

Medical tourism in Brazil 

Brazil is one of the best destinations for medical tourism, especially for cosmetic surgery, there is a famous clinic in Brauel for Dr. Ivo Pitagay aka king of cosmetic surgery where he is considered one of the most famous beauty doctors in Rio de Janeiro and the average cost of rhinoplasty is about $11,000 About 180,000 patients come to Brazil, with costs 20% and 30% lower than In America 

Medical tourism in Thailand

Thailand has more complex and strange treatments such as sex reassignment operations and has received more than 1.2 million people for treatment, including The Bmernegrad International Hospital in Bangkok, which is one of the best hospitals in the world, with more than 900 doctors in 55 specialists and more than 1,000 patients and each In 2000, the hospital receives more than 140,000 patients from Arab countries for treatment, while about 30,000 witnesses from America also receive it: "Aztec." The masters of the world and the strangest trips. See how God has exterminated them

Medical tourism in India

Its budget reached $3.9 billion, as every year, more than 250,000 people arrive for treatment in India! Known for treating fertility diseases, orthopedics, heart disease and organ transplantation, the heart valve in India is about $15,000 and up to $150,000 in America 

Medical tourism in Mexico

As for sick tourists in Mexico, there are up to 200,000 and one million a year due to the high cost of treatment in neighboring America, where about 50,000 patients arrive for dental treatment only, in addition to the presence of private hospitals for plastic surgery and weight reduction in the northern cities

Medical tourism in Egypt

Egypt has approximately 1,356 eyes of sulfur and mineral water distributed throughout the governorates of Egypt, and has advanced hospitals and laboratories.
 Siwa Oasis, Egypt, has a year-round dry climate and hot sand that helps treat joint and spine pain, and has plenty of watery eyes flowing from the ground. The dry weather factor in this oasis contributes to the recovery of respiratory diseases, and the hot sands of The Dacrore are radiation scents that help treat rheumatism, polio, psoriasis and the digestive system

Medical tourism in Jordan

Jordan is famous for its medical and hospital tourism areas, including physiotherapy sites for the Dead Sea treatment, Afra baths, and Hammamamain. In addition, it is a destination for Arab patients who seek treatment in their hospitals, whether through agreements between Jordan and the governments of those countries (Kaliman, Sudan, Libya and the Arab Gulf states) or in personal order

Medical tourism in South Africa 

South Africa is the best country for tourists who want to perform various surgeries, followed by a good recovery period, but at lower costs, as its reputation in the field of various surgeries has become internationally known, and Cape Town is one of the most prominent places for post-surgery recovery periods. As dangerous as open heart and neurosurgery

Countries of medical tourism in terms of the value of the currency used ranking of the lowest currency

Equals 1000 Lebanese pounds 0.66 U.S. Dollars

 The 1000 format is worth $3.26.

Equals 1000 Indian rupees14. 15 U.S. Dollars 

1000 Taiwan dollars worth 32.21 U.S. Dollars

 Equals 1000 Thai Baht 32.68 U.S. Dollars

Worth 1000 Mexican pesos 50.70 U.S. Dollars

Worth 1000 Egyptian pounds

South Africa
 Equals 1000 South African rand66 U.S. Dollars 

 Worth 1000 turkish lira 177 U.S. Dollars

Worth 1000 Malaysian Ringgit 

1000 Brazilian riyals 240.49 U.S. Dollars

 1000 Tunisian dinars equals 349.63 U.S. Dollars

 1000 Singapore dollars equals 723.33 U.S. Dollars

Equals 1000 euro 1089 U.S. Dollars

Worth 1000 Jordanian dinars 
1410.45 USD

Important tips for medical tourism

Before making a decision you should take into account some important things as you are suffering from a lack of money. One of those things is to find the nearest curative country to be a low currency compared to your country's currency, which will reduce travel and treatment costs

The conclusion
We hope that we have given a benefit to everyone through this humble article